Taoba 925

Taoba925 is the workshop of jewellery creation of Marta Cifuentes, in which she manifests her inner oniric world, forms and colors, and her ideals and preoccupations. circle and eye, vegetal forms and tribal motives, each piece is unique, handmade with love, and carrying a message. The matters used are silver 925 and glaze.


After some years working as an autodidact, I followed the classes of jewellery at the school of decorative arts of Granada, the town where I was born. When I finished, I opened my workshop Taoba 925 after years of creations and experimentations, booklets full of drawings, my 3 main collections appeared:


Collection Eye: the eye has always been for me a fascinating motive, symbolizing consciousness, vision, the eye as window of the soul, so I put full colour glaze in the gaze, may the gaze be a rainbow.

Collection Etnica: in this collection I hammer tribal motives and mandalas on geometrical and vegetal forms. this line suggests an harmonious and conscious living of human within nature.

The cabinet of curiositities: here coexist bubbles, octopuss, gipsy women, andalousian motives, dragonflies etc. in happiness.